Our Programming

A SYMPHONIC NIGHT AT THE MOVIES (ASNAM), is a unique form of film presentation originated by John Goberman. By selecting sound films with important orchestral scores, and performing those original scores live with a symphony orchestra in a concert setting, we have the concept of “a performance of a film” enthusiastically received by both orchestras and audiences worldwide. The ASNAM catalogue of films features scores ranging from Prokofiev to Gershwin and includes great film titles that appear on many of the American Film Institute’s “Top 10” lists of Great American Films.

Our Executive Producer

JOHN GOBERMAN is probably best known as the founding producer of LIVE FROM LINCOLN CENTER. This award-winning series of television specials has brought the finest of the performing arts to American audiences. To produce the series, Mr. Goberman developed the video and audio techniques and technology by which live performances of concerts, operas, ballets and plays could be telecast without disruption of performers and audiences. He has produced more than 200 live national performing arts television specials with the constituents of Lincoln Center, from the New York City Ballet to the New York Philharmonic with programs ranging from “Genius has a Birthday: Stravinsky and Balanchine” to “Marsalis on Armstrong” and “Pavarotti Plus!”

He is also the creator of the genre of film/live concert presentations, performing works created by symphonic composers for film and orchestra from the Eisenstein/Prokofiev film classic ALEXANDER NEVSKY to the full-length feature films WIZARD OF OZ, AN AMERICAN IN PARIS, SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN, CASABLANCA, VERTIGO, and PSYCHO. He co-produced the theatrical film, DISTANT HARMONY, PAVAROTTI IN CHINA, and has made films for museums across the country, ranging from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Mariners’ Museum. He has produced numerous opera, ballet and concert telecasts from major performing arts institutions both here and abroad and produced THE WHITE HOUSE: IN TUNE WITH HISTORY, a film for PBS about music at the White House.

For his work on public and commercial television, Mr. Goberman has received 13 National Emmy Awards; 3 Peabody Awards; 8 Sigma Alpha Iota awards; the first Television Critics Circle Award for Achievement in Music and has 53 Emmy Award nominations. He was cited by Symphony Magazine as one of the fifty most important people who have made a difference in the history of American music.


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