Alexander Nevsky

But those who come to us sword in hand will die by the sword!

“Alexander Nevsky” was created by two Russian geniuses who had both experienced the making of popular films in Hollywood. Instead of an esoteric art film, they made a Hollywood Western movie to alert their countrymen to the threat of German invasion.

The masterpiece by the two Sergeis, Eisenstein and Prokofiev, allow film audiences to hear the film and music audiences to see the music. “On Friday night, the score turned the screen into an epic stage: the screen returned the compliment. And film scoring made a case for itself as an operatic art.” — NY Times

Program Information

Original Production Credits (1938)

Prince Alexander Nevsky — Nikolai Cherkassov
Vassily Buslai — N.P. Okhlopkov
Gavrilo Olexich — A.L. Abrikossov
Ignat — D.N Orlov
Pavsha — V.K. Novikov
Damash — N.N. Arski
Amefla Timofeyevna — V.O. Massalitinova
Olga — V.S. Ivasheva
Vassilissa — A.S. Danilova


Sergei M. Eisenstein
D.I. Vassiliev


Sergei Prokofiev


Sergei M. Eisenstein
Peter A. Pavlenko


Edward Tisse


Production Credits

Producer: John Goberman

Music Adaptation: William D. Brohn

Subtitles: Sonya Friedman

Music Copying and Preparation: Peggy Serra

Technical Supervision: Pat McGillen


Running Time: 112 minutes


A Symphonic Night at the Movies is a production of PGM Productions, Inc. (New York) and appears by arrangement with IMG Artists.



2 Flutes

2 Oboes

English Horn

2 Clarinets

Bass Clarinet

Bb Tenor Sax

2 Bassoons


4 French Horns
3 Trumpets

3 Trombones

1 Tuba

1 Timpani
5 Percussion

1 Organ

1 Harp




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